Welcome to Nelson's Moulding and Frame!

Nelson's is a family owned moulding company that was established in 1958. We take pride in our high quality, innovative moulding and our excellent customer service.

The ultimate rustic moulding! Nelson's has introduced the Chesapeake Bay - Worn Brown Barn Wood. The deep horizontal grain and rustic charm make this collection a must have for your framing wall and offers your customers the look and warmth of a cozy cottage, adding character and style to any room

Nelson's also created the deepest floater frame collection in the industry - an incredible depth of 3.25 inches for an impressive presentation of art portrayed on canvas or panels. A floater frame gives the impression that the art is floating within the walls of the frame, creating a spectacular exhibit for your gallery wall.

A celebration of American emerges in the new Impression Start Fillet collection. These stunning start fillets work with most any frame to create an impressionable piece of art. The dragon collection was inspired by Asian art. This hand designed dragon gives the framers a unique and elegant project.

If you want to learn more about our moulding and services, please explore our website or call our customer service department.

Phone no: 1-800-289-2467 (1-800-BUY-CHOP)
Fax no: 1-800-946-5344
E-mail: info@nelsonsmoulding.com

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