*Museum® glass is the best glass that you can use. It provides UV protection for your artwork and is invisible to the eye. In fact, your customers will think that there is no glass on the picture or shadowbox at all. It blocks 99% of UV light.

AR Reflection-Free® glass is perfect for Shadowboxes. This glass is literally invisible to the eye. Tru Vue uses a process called Magnetron Sputtering. This advanced technology deposits precisely controlled layers of highly energized metal oxides onto an Extra Clear lower iron substrate. It blocks 78% of UV light.

*Conservation Reflection Control® glass eliminates the glare from bright lights or sunlight on your artwork. It is also UV coated to block out the harmful UV rays that can cause your artwork to fade, discolor or become brittle. Great for framing original art, limited prints or other valuable artwork. Wonderful for use in brightly lit areas. It blocks 99% of UV light.

Reflection Control® glass eliminates the glare from bright lights or sunlight on your artwork. Tru Vue chemically etches one side of the glass to distribute light which will give you a clear view of the artwork without distortion. You can use up to three mats with the Reflection Control glass without compromising the clarity of the artwork. It blocks 45% of UV light.

*Conservation Clear® is your basic glass with UV protection. This glass is an ideal choice when framing original art, limited prints or other valuable artwork. It blocks 99% of UV light.

Ultra Vue®; glass offers the same superior anti-reflective properties you have come to expect from Tru Vue, on a water white substrate. This high quality, anti-reflective glass product provides 65% UV protection and is optically coated to create a nearly invisible finish.

Premium Clear is your basic glass. Great for general pictures hung in a room with controlled lighting. It blocks 45% of UV light.


*Optium Museum Acrylic®; has the OP-3 UV Filtering Technology. Using a clear abrasion-resistant acrylic substrate, Tru Vue optically coats both sides of the substrate using a patented technology called Optium to create an anti-reflective, anti-static acrylic with superior optical qualities. This acrylic provides the maximum anti-reflection and UV protection and is great to use with pastels, charcoal, shadowboxes and valuable artwork. It blocks 98% of UV light.

Optium Acrylic®; is similar to AR Reflection-Free glass. Made from acrylic, lightweight and durable, with anti-reflective and anti-static qualities. So you get a superior view of your artwork and it attracts less dust. It blocks 93% of UV light.

*StaticShield Acrylic eliminates common complaints typically associated with regular acrylic, such as dust attraction and scratching. It is coated with a thin patent-pending anti-static film layered upon an abrasion resistant, 99 percent UV-filtering acrylic sheet. StaticShield provides framing professionals with an alternative glazing solution for applications that require an anti-static acrylic but their customers do not want a best-in-class solution such as Optium. StaticShield is safe for anti-static applications, including friable media (pastels, charcoal).

*Conservation Reflection Control® Acrylic has a OP-3 UV Filtering Technology that protects artwork from the harmful effects of light and distortion of glare. It prevents your artwork from fading or discoloring or becoming brittle over time. The matte finish reduces the glare giving you a better view of your artwork. It blocks 98% of UV light.

Reflection Control® Acrylic is designed to reduce the glare from bright light. It is lightweight and safe to use in schools, restaurants or hospitals. It blocks 66% of UV light.

*Conservation Clear® Acrylic is the standard conservation grade acrylic product. Built with conservation grade UV filtering technology, this acrylic product provides 98% UV protection to protect against fading.

Premium Clear Acrylic is a general-purpose glazing for indoor framing. It is a lightweight acrylic that can be used for oversized pictures to reduce heaviness for hanging or in institutions where glass can pose a hazard, like schools, restaurants or hospitals. It blocks 66% of UV light.

*Tru Vue Conservation Grade glass products meet ISO standard 18902 and passes ISO 18916 by blocking at least 97% of UV energy.
UV Protection (UV = ultra violet) - Tru Vue's Conservation glass is coated with microscopic, silica-based UV blocking agents that are cured to the surface of a lower iron substrate glass to produce an ultra protective lite of glass that enhances true colors. UV coated glass is like a sunscreen for artwork, it blocks harmful ultra violet rays that can cause pictures to fade or discolor and saves prints from becoming brittle.



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