Cotton RagMat is the highest quality conservation mounting and matting board that can be used next to any artwork. Cotton has long flat fibers that intertwine to create a strong, durable board that is naturally free of lignin, acid, alum or harsh chemicals that can be found in wood pulp based products. The beautiful colors of the RagMat boards are created with the finest pigments that are bleed resistant and provide maximum fade resistance. RagMat is a superior matboard and was designed in the late 1920's for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It has been used by museums, preservationists, artist's, historians and writers for centuries.

Crescent Select/Accents are wonderful conservation alpha-cellulose boards that are acid and lignin free. Crescent Select has a wide array of colors that are protected from fading or bleeding. This board is safe for any artwork because it is produced with 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers.

Crescent Select UltiBlack boards are made of 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers that have been treated to eliminate acids and lignins on the surface, black core and backing papers. The black core really enhances and draws out the artwork.

Moorman board is a sure fire way to add texture and drama to any artwork. The elegance of a suede board, the refined look of linen, and the debonair feel of leather. The Moorman board surfaces of suede and linen set on a premium white conservation core and backing. The Black Core Suede and Leather have decorative black core and backing.

BriteCores are fun two-sided conservation boards. Brightly colored cores with matching surface papers on one side and a white or black surface paper on the other side. Great for children's art or sport memorabilla.

International Whitecore board is quite popular in the paper line of matboards. The core does not turn a cream tone with age, it stays a crisp clean white. The surface, core and backing paper is buffered with calcium carbonate to add some protection to your artwork. This is not a conservation board and should not be used on limited editions, museum pieces, etc. It is ideal as a decorative board or for general purpose framing.

Decorative Matboard and Black Core Matboard are for general purpose framing only. The decorative matboard has a light cream core and has quite an array of colors to choose from. The black core adds contrast or enhances the artwork. The surface, core and backing paper is buffered with calcium carbonate to add some protection to your artwork, but it is not a conservation board.



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